The benefits of Qi


The benefits of Qi

Charged and ready to go
The leading wireless charging standard, Qi has been embraced by hundreds of leading manufacturers and is in 3142 products you can buy now.

Farewell, power cords
Frustrated with messy, often incompatible cables? Qi charging technology cuts the cord for your devices - finally, they are truly wireless.

A real standard, right now
Qi is an established, universal technology standard available to developers and consumers right now.

Wireless power to roam
Widespread industry adoption means Qi is available in many locations where charging is most needed, including airports, autos, hotels and offices.

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  • The story of QXT...

    shenzhen QXTC Electronics Co., Ltd., was established in March 2011, self-run brand BrandNP ,work on R & D, production and sales of wireless charging products . The core team of the company consists of three major departments:innovative research department, design department, sales department , the core team grow and develop in digital industry for nearly ten years, which has a good reputation and high visibility within the industry.